Museum Education

School classes, children and youth groups have the opportunity to put their knowledge to the test in a quiz. The Museum Heppenheim with its educational program, such as interactive themed tours, children's birthday parties or workshops can be used as a place to learn and work and experience history in a tangible way.

Tours for Children and Students

The children's tours answer questions such as: which animals were there in the Ice Age? How did people live in the Stone Age? What was life like in a medieval castle or how did everyday school life and leisure time for children look like compared to today? All subject areas are conveyed clearly and interactively using small games and puzzles.

Children’s Birthday Parties

Celebrate a birthday with friends, rediscover old games, go on a treasure hunt, slip into the role of archaeologists, or get active in one of our workshops. Together we will design your day individually.

Treasure Hunts

As part of an interactive question and answer game, the children can explore and discover different places in the old town. They can solve tricky codes and playfully work their way from task to task until they finally get to the treasure.

From the Excavation to the Museum

After a short introduction into the topic of the Stone Age and the Middle Ages, children are able to slip into the role of archaeologists and look for traces together. They are able to discover what happens to the finds after an excavation. This also includes a look behind the scenes of the museum. In this way, the children are introduced to the importance of cultural assets in an interactive manner.