Business location Heppenheim

Famed as a wine and theatre festival town, Heppenheim is an active and attractive central city with an outstanding infrastructure situated between the metropolitan areas Rhine-Neckar and Rhine-Main. The district capital in the south of Hesse is not only a very good place in which to work and do business, but equally good to live in. Heppenheim provides an excellent infrastructure and direct connections to key national transport hubs.
Elements of tradition and modernity characterise Heppenheim as a business location known for its diverse entrepreneurial mix. Highly productive skilled labour enterprises, globally operating high-tech companies, large service providers and innovative medium-sized companies are all based in the town of Heppenheim.
The easily accessible town centre offers an attractive mixture of trades with accompanying parking facilities. The historical old town beckons visitors to stroll down and explore it, while the inns and restaurants tempt them to tarry a while and savour. The shopping centres and trading enterprises in the industrial area Tiergartenstraße have achieved an enviable reputation beyond regional borders and are easily accessible by national motorways.
Die Kreisstadt Heppenheim ist Teil der: