The Bergstrasse region is a true hiking paradise. Well marked walking trails lead through the vineyards, passing by old castles and through green valleys up to far into the Odenwald. Please find some interesting suggestions here:

Erlebnispfad Wein & Stein (Geopfad) – Experience Path „Wine and Stone“

On a trail stretching for a total of 6.9 kilometres with 70 stations, the experience path "Wine and Stone“ hikers will learn a lot about interesting topics covering wine, grape varieties, geology as well as flora and fauna of the region. There is also a quiz for children, the so-called „Vino Kids Quiz“. It combines hiking with a lot of and interesting lessons. Please obtain further information here: www.weinundstein.net

Planetenweg - Planet walk

Take a walk across our solar system and discover its location in the milky way. This walkable scale model is around 2 kilometres long. Starting at the Tourist Information, you will pass all planets, accompanied by dwarf planets and comets until you reach the sun itself. The walk takes you through the vineyards along the Starkenburgweg and Kanonenweg to the Starkenburg-Observatory, always with a wonderful view of Heppenheim and its old town centre. Take a break at the picnic area near the observatory or at the restaurant at Starkenburg castle Burgschänke. More Information www.starkenburg-sternwarte.de.

Circular hiking trails (from 4 to 20 km)

2014, the hiking club Odenwaldclub e. V. marked two quality hiking trails. However, the hiking trails of the Geo-Naturpark Bergstrasse-Odenwald (starting from the centre, but also from the hiking parking lots) can highly be recommended. Visit our tour portal. Here you will find not only the officially marked hiking trails, but also interesting hiking tips from locals.

Wanderwege für Kinder

Wandern mit Kindern in Heppenheim - na klar! In der neuen Broschüre KIDS ON TOUR finden Familien 15 verschiedene kindergeprüfte Routenvorschläge (zum Teil auch kinderwagentauglich). Die kleinen Entdecker wandern durch Wald und Weinberge, beobachten Vögel am Bruchsee und in den Tongruben oder erfahren Wissenswertes über die Starkenburg und die Planeten unseres Sonnensystems. Die Gehzeiten der Touren liegen zumeist zwischen 1/2 und 1 1/2 Stunden. Zu jeder Route gibt der Geisterhund Melampus Insider-Tipps zu Spielplätzen, Beschäftigungs- oder Einkehrmöglichkeiten. Also liebe Kids, Wanderschuhe an und los geht's!

Naherholungsgebiet Bruchsee – Bruchsee recreational area

It will take you approximately 40 minutes to walk around the Bruchsee lake. Beautiful views over the lake await you, however, the view extends over the fields all the way to Starkenburg Castle. Playgrounds and a bird park offer a lot of variety and fun. Swimming is not permitted there, because the banks are homes to nesting birds.

Bergsträßer Weinlagenwanderweg – tour of the Bergstrasse vineyards

The hiking trail takes hikers alongside the cities Alsbach, Zwingenberg, Bensheim-Auerbach, Bensheim and Heppenheim. The route is well marked; just look out for the „Weißer Römer“ (wine glasses) with the letters WLW, written in green. Even visitors unfamiliar with the area can easily follow the trail or start their tour from the B3. Find further information here: www.bergstraesser-wein.de

Burgensteig und Blütenweg – Castle Trail and Blossom Route

Why not hike alongside the Bergstrasse, from Darmstadt to Heidelberg, in stages? The Burgensteig is marked with signs showing a blue castle on a white background. It takes hikers through the vineyards and forests, while passing castles and hills. The Blütenweg is marked with a yellow B and takes hikers through blossoming gardens alongside the towns. Please find further information here: www.diebergstrasse.de


The Nibelungensteig is a popular hiking trail. It starts in Zwingenberg and takes hikers to Freudenberg, which is 125 km away. Should you wish to begin your tour in Heppenheim, just take the Weinlagenwanderweg until Bensheim or Zwingenberg and follow the feeder paths to the Nibelungensteig, which is labelled along the entire trail with a red “N” on a white background. Please find further information here: www.nibelungensteig.info