Archive Inventory

The city archive of Heppenheim keeps around 1,600 linear meters of archive material with historical significance.

You can access the files and official registers of the Heppenheim city administration from the 17th century onwards, as well as see the documents created in the formerly independent districts of Erbach, Hambach, Kirschhausen with Igelsbach, Mittershausen-Scheuerberg, Ober-Laudenbach, Sonderbach and Wald-Erlenbach.

In addition, the written material created at the public schools located in the area of the city of Heppenheim is evaluated by the city archive of Heppenheim and, if necessary, acquired and made accessible for use.

The photos, postcards and other items in the collection are also accessible to users to research the city's history.

The holdings of the Heppenheim City Archives are supplemented and expanded by non-governmental documents, for example from private bequests or collections.