The Bergstrasse region

„This is where Germany turns into Italy“, romanticised Emperor Joseph II in spring of 1764 as he travelled through the Bergstrasse region. The climate of the Bergstrasse region, which is protected by the Odenwald forest from cold east winds, is mostly mild with temperatures above the national average. Visible signs are many different plants and trees, such as almonds, peaches and apricots. All of these trees are usually domiciled in Southern Europe and, of course, wine grows here! Approximately 1600 hours of sun assure wines of high quality. Sometimes, already in March, spring turns the Bergstrasse into a colourful bouquet of flowers, while other regions are still covered by snow.
However, not only the famous spring bloom encourages tourists to visit the Bergstrasse region: numerous attractions, such as historic market places, half-timbered houses, castles and palaces as well as an abundant choice of cultural opportunities make the Bergstrasse region a very special experience for every visitor. Theatre shows, international variety as well as cabarets look forward to receiving guests from near and far.
Here you can access the official website of the Tourismus Service Bergstrasse e.V.