30,000 fans cheer World Champ Sebastian Vettel in “Vettelheim”

Sebastian Vettel greeted his cheering fans with his hauling 750-HP engine and smoking tyres - then he couldn’t believe his own eyes! On Saturday (22th October 2011), around 30,000 cheering people were already in place waiting for the World Champ at home in Heppenheim. “This is just amazing!”, the youngest Formula-1 double world champion exclaimed when he was welcomed in his hometown. He couldn’t believe that “all of you came because of me”, said good-humoured Vettel. To mark the occasion, he was given a jersey showing of his favourite soccer club “Eintracht Frankfurt” showing the Number 1, as a gift
Sebastian Vettel’s World Champion Reception in 2011
On Saturday, at 4:47 pm, it became pretty loud on the Europaplatz square in Heppenheim. “Something is happening in northern direction”, said moderator Felix Görner. The heads of all 30,000 spectators turned in direction traffic circle, thousands of digital cameras and mobile phones where held up in the air. And then, finally he arrived: Formula 1 double world champion Sebastian Vettel came around the corner in his racing vehicle named “Kinky Kylie”.
The jubilation knew no limits. Even though the opening act before the official reception of the Word Champion Sebastian Vettel in his home town was really spectacular – the Söhne Mannheims led by front man Xavier Naidoo rocked the party and the two moderators Görner and Joko Winterscheidt provided plenty of entertainment - the racing fans couldn’t wait to see their star “Seb” – and he sure delivered a great spectacle! He demonstrated a “Donut” on the Lorscher Straße and the second one followed right in front of the huge stage. At this very moment, as good as nothing could be seen anymore. The tyres of the Red Bull Renault were smoking and the dust of the gravel ground did the rest. Nothing could be seen at all! Above all, Görner was the victim of the dust attack and he promptly responded by making ironic comments about the surfacing and Vettel’s driving style. But Vettel masterly replied! In his best home town dialect, which is called “hepprumerisch”, he said: ”Listen: this is not just a gravel ground square, this is our Europaplatz square.” His fans were cheering and 24-year-old Vettel enjoyed it.
In light of this great enthusiasm in his hometown, Vettel was clearly moved and nervous: “I am overwhelmed and very excited.” This changed, however, by the minute. Many jokes and ongoing interaction with his fans increased his confidence. He even challenged the residents of Heppenheim to organise a large-screen viewing event on the occasion of the European Football Championship in 2012. And, of course, as a real Heppenheim guy, he had to crack a joke about the rivalries between the two neighbouring cities, Heppenheim and Bensheim: ”Why shouldn’t we be able to do as the folks in Bensheim?”
However, it wasn’t long before Vettel, having one hand in the pocket of his racing overall, started responding to the questions of the moderator team, passing the Formula 1 Season in review. As highlights of the season so far, he described his victories in Monaco and Monza (Italy). When watching the images of his “Asian tour”, where he finished third and thus succeeded in securing the title in Suzuka (Japan), Vettel was visibly proud and excited.
After the party on Europaplatz square, Vettel said: “I’m so happy, I don’t even know, if I’ll be able to manage the upcoming races. I promise to give my best and that this will not have been the last reception party in Heppenheim. So many thanks to all of you for your support. You made this day unique!”
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